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Detroit Water Department Suspends Shut Offs

Water Protests In Detroit Protesters are up in arms over Detroit’s decision to shut off water to customers who are behind on their bills. After the situation received world wide interest, the Detroit Water Department suspends shut offs for 15 days. The decision was made to give people a chance to come up with either… Read More »

Oklahoma Water Supply News, Worms!

Colcord, Oklahoma Red worms have turned up on the Oklahoma water supply, mainly in Colcord, Oklahoma, a little town about 80 miles east of Tulsa. Not the most pleasant news a town could receive. Water filters were found to be clogged with the  little blood worms. Some measured up to an inch  long. While there have… Read More »

California Water Supply In Trouble

California water supply in danger of disappearing Wasting water is now being considered a crime as people realize the California water supply in trouble for years is now in crisis stage. The water hub district in Silicon valley has voted to spend over a half million dollars on enforcement of the water laws, along with… Read More »

Water School Mondays

Water Conservation Efforts The water police are hard at work in Santa Cruz, California, and they are making plans for hundreds of people by offering them what many are calling Water School Mondays, in exchange for the chance of having thousands of dollars in fines reduced. They will get to learn how to conserve water,… Read More »

Why You Want The Best Water Filter System

Pure Water Today’s water is anything but acceptable out of any tap, anywhere, including bottled water and that is the first major reason why you want the best water filter system for your water. Even city and township water supplies are prone to contamination, and while they will put out warnings and correct the problems… Read More »