California Water Supply In Trouble

By | February 24, 2017

California water supply in danger of disappearing

Wasting water is now being considered a crime as people realize the California water supply in trouble for years is now in crisis stage.

The water hub district in Silicon valley has voted to spend over a half million dollars on enforcement of the water laws, along with the LosAngeles’ water utility’s plans on hiring more help to  combat waste and uphold the laws.

No more washing down sidewalks, streets and driveways.

You may water your lawn 2 times a week, and you may not wash your car with a hose unless it has a shut off valve.

Water Cops

The department of water and power in Los Angeles is hiring 4 full time and two part time people devoted to enforcement of the water laws.

Individual cities or public utilities will have access to Santa Clara’s Water Cops.

Sacramento and Pasadena are forming their own enforcement teams, and the LAPD is even on board.

The goal here is to get people to pay attention and take this seriously, said George Kostyrko, spokesman for the California Water Resources Control board.

We do not want to fine people, we want to educate them and save water.

The California drought has entered it’s 3rd year and is expected to cost the state over 2.2 Billion in lost crops, jobs and other misc. damages.

More importantly is the lack of clean safe water to cook, drink and bathe in.

Without clean water illness can spread quickly.

Developers are even putting together an app to help in reporting violations online.



If everyone can get on the same page and help one another with water conservation, maybe California can hold up until this drought passes.

It is time to start some unconventional practices like collecting rain water and filtering it, and any other means of keeping the water used for drinking, cooking and bathing clean and pure.

Experts say the most valued item and the most scarce item in the next century will be clean water.

With that in mind it is time to take this problem and any other problems with our water supply that will be presenting themselves seriously.

Life simply can not exist without pure clean water, and it seems that should be on the top of everyone’s priority list.

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