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Reverse Osmosis: How it Works

Due to the abundance of many pollutants nowadays, getting to drink even a mere glass of clean, pure water is hard work. Microbes can be found looming around in the corner of your water bottle, ready to pounce and cause you various diseases. You need to get yourself protected. With the availability of Reverse Osmosis… Read More »

Natural Gas Poisoning Our Water Supply

Is natural has poisoning our water supply? Yes and natural gas is a very scary substance to have making its way into your home. The problem is that many gas wells are drilled near to residential areas and the chances of contamination in these instances can be quite high. The result of this is exposure to… Read More »

Water Purifiers

Water purification systems and water purifiers produce purified water. This essentially means that the water has been mechanically filtered and processed to remove impurities and make is safer and cleaner to drink. The process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water aims to produce drinking water that is better… Read More »

Are the polar ice sheets melting?

Polar ice sheets melting According to a new scientific study, the answer is an alarming yes, at the rate of three times faster than in the 1990’s. This has our experts worried, since the accelerated  speed of the melting is causing a rise in our oceans. The current worry is the ice sheet in Greenland. This sheet covers… Read More »

E Coli In The Water Is Always A Threat

Rockford Illinois has lifted a boil order on drinking water saying it is now safe to drink, cook and bathe in,but the lessons learned here need to be examined very carefully by everyone. E Coli in the drinking water is always a threat, even in a new water system, as residents of Rockford have found… Read More »

Clean Water Action, Bikes and Fun

Sat, Sept. 28th brought the 4th annual  Motorcycle Ride Against Poverty in Baraboo, WI It was a great day of clean water action, bikes and fun! Founded  by Gordy and Sandy Carlson in 2010 as a way of combining 20 years of sponsoring children through Compassion International with their passion for riding motorcycles, the ride… Read More »

Detroit Water Department Suspends Shut Offs

Water Protests In Detroit Protesters are up in arms over Detroit’s decision to shut off water to customers who are behind on their bills. After the situation received world wide interest, the Detroit Water Department suspends shut offs for 15 days. The decision was made to give people a chance to come up with either… Read More »

Oklahoma Water Supply News, Worms!

Colcord, Oklahoma Red worms have turned up on the Oklahoma water supply, mainly in Colcord, Oklahoma, a little town about 80 miles east of Tulsa. Not the most pleasant news a town could receive. Water filters were found to be clogged with the  little blood worms. Some measured up to an inch  long. While there have… Read More »

California Water Supply In Trouble

California water supply in danger of disappearing Wasting water is now being considered a crime as people realize the California water supply in trouble for years is now in crisis stage. The water hub district in Silicon valley has voted to spend over a half million dollars on enforcement of the water laws, along with… Read More »