Clean Water Action, Bikes and Fun

By | February 24, 2017

Sat, Sept. 28th brought the 4th annual  Motorcycle Ride Against Poverty in Baraboo, WI

It was a great day of clean water action, bikes and fun!

Founded  by Gordy and Sandy Carlson in 2010 as a way of combining 20 years of sponsoring children through Compassion International with their passion for riding motorcycles, the ride was again a huge success.

Water For Life

“It’s a nice, scenic ride,”  said Gordy Carlson of the 115 mile ride through Sauk County named The fourth annual Motorcycle Ride Against Poverty.

Sauk County, WI

Last years ride, while only having 8 riders due to some extremely cold weather, Still raised more than $4000.00

This years weather was perfect, and a huge turn out made the ride a great success.

The donations raised are used to buy water filters, which cost  $79.00 a piece and are donated to keep families safe from water borne diseases.

These filters will supply hundreds of people with clean water that they would otherwise not have, and they protect them from getting ill using dirty or contaminated water.


The Carlson’s are the type of people who just want to help out others in need. They saw something they could do and they went ahead and found sponsors, set up all the details and turned their idea of a ride to help people receive clean water into a reality.

A lesson we all could learn from for sure!

Do you have any ideas for helping people?

Leave your ideas below!

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