E Coli In The Water Is Always A Threat

By | February 24, 2017

Rockford Illinois has lifted a boil order on drinking water saying it is now safe to drink, cook and bathe in,but the lessons learned here need to be examined very carefully by everyone.

E Coli in the drinking water is always a threat, even in a new water system, as residents of Rockford have found out the hard way.

Even with all the safety measures installed to protect the purity of city water, one simple mistake can create a very volatile situation in our water supply.

What Happened?

Clean water?

Rockford had installed a new automated water system less than a year ago, and does manually test their water supply daily except for Sundays, but still a simple failure of a pump created this situation.

City workers did not test the water on Labor Day, extending to two the amount of days without a water test, and in the mean time a pump failed, and the result is the whole city water system being contaminated.


many restaurants and bars closed due to the contaminated water, and thousands of dollars have been lost in business, but the safety of people is always the most important thing to consider, said John Vanaman, Manager of the Corner Bar.

The local brewery also took measures to clean and sterilize everything before boiling over a tom of water for production.

City manager Michael Young said, everything that could go wrong at one time did, and we will do whatever it takes to fix this.

The source of the E Coli has not and might never be found, but measures to prevent the breakdown are underway.

Four people have reported symptoms, but this kind of contamination can take up to 8 days to show up in a persons system, and there may be more reports as time goes by.


Even with today’s technology and safety precautions, accidents still can happen, and happen quickly.

When it involves something as life dependent as our drinking water, it becomes a top priority.

The lesson to be learned here is every home and business needs to have their own independent water filter system.

If this were the case all residents of this community would have still been safe while this problem was discovered and reported.

Is your drinking water safe? When a towns water supply can get contaminated within two days just how safe are you?

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