Water School Mondays

By | February 24, 2017

Water Conservation Efforts

The water police are hard at work in Santa Cruz, California, and they are making plans for hundreds of people by offering them what many are calling Water School Mondays, in exchange for the chance of having thousands of dollars in fines reduced.

They will get to learn how to conserve water, how to cut down on wasting the precious liquid and take quizzes to check that they are learning the information.

In return they will be able to wheel and deal some of the fines they have acquired for breaking the drought laws that have been enacted.

Confused yet?

We were too.

Let us try to explain

Water cops

Water cops, or drought busters as they are called in Santa Cruz, patrol daily for violations in the rationing of the water used this city had to enact.

Unlike many towns and cities who can rely on several sources for clean water, Santa Cruz is unique in being surrounded by the Ocean and mountains, and must rely on an aging water reservoir that is fed solely by storm runoff from the mountains and valley.

They simply did not have a choice but to enact a rationing program immediately as California is in year three of the worst drought this state has seen in recent history and water is running out.

Nik Martinelli doubles as a water specialist and a water cop, and is up beofre dawn daily looking for violators.

This city is even offering a $150.00 rip your lawn out rebate bonus!



While all this sounds a bit extreme this really is anything but a laughing matter, and California State is looking at how Santa Cruz is dealing with this and taking notes.

Running out of water is nothing to look forward to, and it is becoming a reality in too many places around the world.

While the new norm is what water is available should be run through private home filter systems to make sure it is not contaminated, that might not even be an option soon for some cities in California as water itself may have to be shipped in.

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