Why You Want The Best Water Filter System

By | February 24, 2017

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Today’s water is anything but acceptable out of any tap, anywhere, including bottled water and that is the first major reason why you want the best water filter system for your water.

Even city and township water supplies are prone to contamination, and while they will put out warnings and correct the problems as quickly as possible, contaminated water will get by them and into your home supply.

Would you be safer with your own filter system between you and them?

Lets take a look at some real life situations where people having your own filter system helped them stay healthy and not get exposed to some pretty awful water.

Real life contamination

First lets take a look at Toledo, Ohio.

Lake Erie has grown a strain of Algae along the coast that has contaminated local water supplies.

This water can not be boiled as the heat actually increases the contamination, thus the city put out warnings but not before the local supplies all were contaminated, thus passing on this water to their customers.

A home filter system would have caught this mess and protected the residents.

Now lets take a look at Lake Forrest, NC

These people have been drinking contaminated water for more than 6 years and officials did not bother to tell them about it.

Toxic chemicals known to cause cancer have been in the water and poisoning these people for years, and the EPA finally got around to letting the town know.

One resident is reporting many large cysts in her breasts and Parkinson’s Disease, both known problems with the type of contaminant in their water supply.

A home filter system would have protected people for the severe risk of getting illnesses from drinking water in their own home.

lets look at one more instance, the Elk River incident in Charleston, West Virginia.

This spill was crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol a chemical used to wash coal, and contaminated water that supplied over 3000 people in 9 counties.

This is the third major spill in this area within the last 5 years.

Home water filter systems would have caught this contaminant and again it would have protected the residents.


The above are just a very small few of the real threats that face us every day with contaminants in our water supplies, and everyone needs to address this problem and protect themselves and their families from accidental contamination.

While city workers and the likes do the best they can to deal with any problems that might arise within the system, it is usually after the fact and many times the damage is already done to the residents.

Do you know what is in your drinking, cooking and bathing water?

One way to make sure is to install your own home water filter system.

You and your family deserve nothing less!

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